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Baby Shower Invitations


Egba Partyblock 3D Custom Invitation

The Egba Partyblock Baby Shower Invitation

Every PartyBlock is designed to order and we never repeat ourselves. Your Shower invitation will be a one of a kind representation for YOU and YOUR shower.

The Egba PartyBlock ™ Invitation with its unlimited graphical and theme variations is the perfect custom invitation for your Baby Shower.  The Egba PartyBlock™ custom invitation is the perfect form factor to capture the flavor of your shower and the personality of the mom. Every solid maple PartyBlock™ is a complete design departure from the last and that’s what keeps the process exciting for Egba’s creative team. Egba’s PartyBlocks can be customized in any color, letter, graphic and photo combination.

Every Egba custom invitation starts with a direct, personal consultation. Contact us today.

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Egba PartyBlock Custom Invitation




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